Trail Angels on the Appalachian Trail
Appalachian Trail
Appalachian Trail

This is a special blogpost in English. We write it for our special Trail Angel Ruth.

We have already written about Trail Magic and Trail Angels, but this blogpost is dedicated to a special Trail Angel. She helped us the first time years ago, even when we were not yet on the Appalachian Trail. She gave us valuable tips on the Internet, drove us around with her car and even let us stay at her home before we did our first section on the AT in 2011.

Most Trail Angels are in some way connected to the AT, some are former thruhikers, some have family members who thruhiked etc. They help hikers selflessly. The assistance ranges from gallons of water at road crossings, to picnics in parks, shuttles to trail towns or even hiker feeds for a whole bunch of hungry hikers. We have met so many great Trail Angels over the years who make the AT better for a lot of hikers.

Our very own Trail Angel has the trail name Tiptoe and has accompanied us since the beginning of our AT career. We have met her several times over the years and had a great time together. We would like to thank you very much! Hopefully, we will remain in touch, even if we complete the AT this year.

Thank you, dear Tiptoe, we hope you will stay healthy and strong to hike many more miles in the years to come!

(2Tall, 2.9.2017)

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